MagicDigi is one of "descendants" such as EgyOne, DoookNet, etc. of widely known DigiChat system.
However MagicDigi is a system of new generation and therefore combines features that have become customary in earlier implementations and absolutely new interesting and convenient capacities.
Here are some of them:
In MagicDigi you can not only correspond with your interlocutors but also see and hear them in a private conversation.
In MagicDigi, you can communicate not only with chat participants but using the mechanism "Buddies" also with your friends on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
In MagicDigi you can be not only the Guest but also the Member.
In MagicDigi you can in considerable wide limits give the appearance of a chat the form most convenient for you.
These are only some of the features of MagicDigi that we considered most interesting for the first acquaintance with it and now you can look at YouTube a video clip dedicated to the above-mentioned features or get acquainted in more detail with all the capacities of MagicDigi or just visit our demo-chat where you can see all the capacities of MagicDigi with your own eyes.